STYLE dealer network expands further

STYLE dealer network expands further

The dealer network of STYLE is again extended by two leading companies from Hungary and Israel. Both acquire exclusive dealership of STYLE CNC machines in their country.

GesKor Kft.

GesKor was founded in 2011 by the merge of two smaller companies. The philosophy is selling quality European products with the best support, from sales to service. The headquarters of GesKor are located in the West of Hungary in a highly developed industrial area, close to both Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. With STYLE as a partner it will be the first time GesKor is going to sell lathes, because they could not find the right and reliable partner. “With the exclusive dealership of STYLE CNC machines in Hungary a whole new market opens for GesKor. Our ambition is to build a complete and perfect partnership and maintain a good relation with our represented companies and customers. “Said Richárd Kormányos , director of GesKor.


Headquarters of GesKor


InterTool Machine Tools Ltd.

Intertool Machine Tools is an Israeli company, well known in the market of aviation. In the past 30 years they have supplied portal milling machines, grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, but also delivered machining centers and lathes and milling machines to leading companies worldwide. They also gained reputation for supplying and building advanced tools and machine tools for general use. Located in the “Industrial Park” near Netanya. “After our two day visit to STYLE, we felt immediately welcome. As the exclusive distributor in Israel we step into a new market with the STYLE CNC Machines. To invigorate this collaboration, we immediately have bought a STYLE 350 and 510 lathe so we can give the first demos in May, “said Eli Peled, director of Intertool.


Managing director Bastiaan Clement together with Eli Peled, InterTool



By partnering with these two companies, the STYLE service is also expands further with the two new languages, Hungarian and Hebrew. Both GesKor as InterTool will send engineers to Bunschoten for extensive training on the STYLE CNC Machines. This guarentees the best possible service and quality, wherever the machine is bought.

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