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The best lathe for single pieces and small series

A STYLE lathe is characterized by its unique design, large diameters and the easy STYLE control.

BT 1500 CNC Milling Machine
The most versatile and ergonomic mill in its class

Every STYLE mill has a wide reach, big work table and is available in open or enclosed sheet metal.

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STYLE Control: simple, intuitive and leading

Accessible CNC control for the starting operator and extensive functionality for the experienced machinists.

STYLE Console

STYLE Control: simple, intuitive and leading

The heart of STYLE is the control. Our control system is accessible for the apprentice metalworker and offers extensive functionality for the experienced operator. The CNC software has been designed for quick and easy drawing and production of single pieces and small series. The STYLE control system’s clear 3D simulation program allows each workpiece to be extensively tested and optimized before production. Your manufacturing time is also calculated automatically.

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