STYLE CNC milling machines

The wide range of STYLE milling machines is equipped with a milling cutter with which you can mill high-quality and precise aluminium, brass, stainless steel or other metals. With the simple STYLE control and our ergonomic design, it is nice and responsible to work with our CNC milling machines.

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STYLE CNC Milling machines

BT 600 – 4000 series

STYLE BT 600 Milling machine

X-axis movement: 600mm
Y-axis movement: 450mm
Z-axis movement: 550mm

STYLE BT 1000 Milling machine

X-axis movement: 1000mm
Y-axis movement: 550mm
Z-axis movement: 650mm

STYLE BT 1500 Milling machine

X-axis movement: 1500mm
Y-axis movement: 650mm
Z-axis movement: 600mm

STYLE BT 1500+ Milling machine

X-axis movement: 1500mm
Y-axis movement: 650mm
Z-axis movement: 700mm

STYLE BT 2000 Milling machine

X-axis movement: 2000mm
Y-axis movement: 800mm
Z-axis movement: 700 / 800mm

STYLE BT 3000 Milling machine

X-axis movement: 3000mm
Y-axis movement: 800mm
Z-axis movement: 700 / 800mm

STYLE CNC Machining centers

MC 350 – 2500 series

STYLE MC 350 Machining center

X-axis movement: 350mm
Y-axis movement: 210mm
Z-axis movement: 340mm

STYLE MC 500 Machining center

X-axis movement: 500mm
Y-axis movement: 380mm
Z-axis movement: 400mm

STYLE MC 750 Machining center

X-axis movement: 760mm
Y-axis movement: 440mm
Z-axis movement: 460mm

STYLE MC 1000 Machining center

X-axis movement: 1000mm
Y-axis movement: 510mm
Z-axis movement: 510mm

STYLE MC 1500 Machining center

X-axis movement: 1500mm
Y-axis movement: 680mm
Z-axis movement: 880mm

Working with a STYLE CNC milling machine

Reliable milling machine and machining center

We have various CNC milling machines in our range, by choosing from the STYLE BT 600, BT 1000, BT 1500, BT 1500+, BT 2000 and the BT 3000, there is always a machine that fits in your machine park. We are happy to help you with tailor-made advice and with a demonstration on one of our CNC milling machines you will immediately become acquainted with our simple CNC control system. In this way you only get the best for your company. With a machining solution from STYLE CNC Machines, your company is completely up-to-date and ready for the future.

Operate the milling machine with our simple CNC control

Our CNC milling machines are equipped with our unique STYLE control. This control is developed, tested and maintained by our software department so that the control complies with the latest market-based knowledge and technology. With our STYLE control, you work with a fully intuitive CNC control without extensive G-code knowledge, making our control easy to use for both experienced and starting operators.

Service and maintenance of your CNC machine

In addition to the head office in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, we have our own sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland. Do you have problems with your CNC machine? Our service department can be reached by telephone or e-mail at 033-2502510 or Due to the unique Dutch manufacturer service, a technician is usually immediately available to repair, update or give a course on your CNC milling machine or CNC lathe. With this we ensure that your machine is always operational and your employees are always aware of new cost-saving functionalities.