STYLE BT 1500+ CNC milling machine

The STYLE BT series consists of six models of milling machines, with a number of models available for a fully enclosed machine. The BT 1500+ is the most reliable powerhouse for demanding milling work. These milling machines are designed and developed especially for the production of custom work and small series.

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STYLE BT 1500+ CNC milling machine, the most reliable powerhouse

STYLE BT 1500+ freesbank at a glance:

  • Cast iron frame cast in one piece for high loads
  • Accessible controls
  • Stroke X / Y 1500 x 650 mm
  • Table load up to 1000 kg
  • Maximum speed 12000 rpm
  • Fully Dutch development and production

Complete machining solution with STYLE BT 1500+

With our extensive experience we have developed a complete range of machines that lead the way in reliability, price and ease of use. CNC milling on the STYLE BT 1500+, in combination with our CNC Control, is a guarantee of quality. Every day, we work with our team on innovation in CNC milling and then deliver a complete solution for metalworking.

Programming from the office
You can place all your programs that you want to mill on a USB stick, but it is also possible to place the computer of the milling machine in your network. This allows you to program your programs outside the machine.

Machine STYLE BT 1500+
X-axis movement mm 1500
Y-axis movement mm 650
Z-axis movement mm 700
Bed width mm 700
Work table mm 1850 x 610
T-slots mm 5 x 18
Max. table load kg 1000
Height work table mm 850
Distance spindle nose to table mm 80 – 780
Distance spindle nose to column mm 660
hoofdspindel freesbank
Main spindle STYLE BT 1500+
Main motor power kW 11 / 15
Max. rpm rpm 6000 / 12000
Spindle taper BT-40
hoofdspindel freesbank
X-, Y- en Z-axis STYLE BT 1500+
Rapid movement m/min 8
Feed rate mm/min 0,01 – 4000
Pressure X-, Y- and Z-axis (nom/max) kN 18 / 36.2
wisselaar bt freesbank
Toolchanger STYLE BT 1500+
Automatic toolchanger # 24
wisselaar bt freesbank
detail freesbank deuren
General STYLE BT 1500+
Weight kg 5800
Machine dimensions (l/w/h) m 3.1 x 2.3 x 2.8
detail opties freesbank
Options STYLE BT 1500+
Fully enclosed sheet metal with
Coolant through the spindle option
Integrated 4th axis option
detail opties freesbank

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