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Since its foundation in 1991, STYLE has focused on the simple production of single piece and small series. STYLE is a manufacturer of turning and milling machines, from development to end product. From control to service entirely in-house. This makes STYLE a well-known and reliable supplier for companies in machine building, prototyping and maintenance.

The history of STYLE

1991 – 2012; STYLE High Tech

From step system to fully fledged CNC machines

The origin of STYLE in Bunschoten starts with the purchase of High Tech Nederland from Amsterdam by the Van Halteren Group from Bunschoten. STYLE High Tech at the time sold controls under Atari for hand-held drills and lathes. The control based on Atari 1040Ste was converted to a control under Windows. This was the first step towards the development of the simplest control system in the world. The aim of the STYLE control is to program simple but also complex products in the easiest possible visual way, which are mainly produced in single pieces and small series. Every year, the software team adds new functionalities to the control software. This control software is supplied on our own STYLE CNC lathes and milling machines.

Style High Tech (manufacturer of CNC turning and milling machines) from Bunschoten started in 1991 and has grown with the production of CNC and Teach-in lathes (since 1999) and milling machines (2002). The unique STYLE control was introduced in 1995. Already at the introduction in, the STYLE Control was distinguished by optimal ease of use and simplicity. In the segment where STYLE operates, this mainly concerns companies that turn or mill single pieces and small series: companies that distinguish themselves by flexibility and fast changeover times.

In 2012 STYLE became part of the Nivora Group (known from SafanDarley, Bewo and Dynobend). STYLE is with a group of companies that belong to the top of the Dutch machine construction. The Nivora Group attaches great value to unique technology and encourages employees to develop themselves personally. The aim is the sustainable development and retention of high-quality industrial knowledge and employment in the Netherlands.

2012 – 2019; STYLE CNC machines

The CNC machine builders in the Netherlands

International with a Spakenburg heart
STYLE has grown into an internationally operating company with several branches specialized in the construction of high-quality CNC machines and its own R&D department. In addition to the head office in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, there are sales branches in Belgium, the Czech Republic and from mid-2016 also in Poland. There are already over 1500 STYLE machines in the BeNeLux alone. A stable dealer network with dealers from countries including Denmark, France, Germany and Italy ensures that customers from those countries do business with STYLE in a trusted manner. The dealer network has been expanded even further and the STYLE machines are also for sale in Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Israel and Hungary.

Development and customers come first
Good innovations often arise in practice, based on what customers ask for. Thanks to customer demand, the range has expanded to include machining centers, a double column milling machine and conventional lathes. With our extensive experience, we have developed an ultramodern range of machines that excel in reliability, price and ease of use.

STYLE works with its customers and employees on progressive and simple machines on a daily basis. Equipped with the unique STYLE control, the lathes and milling machines are accessible to the novice operator and expanded with various complex functionalities for the experienced CNC operator. You can start machining on the STYLE machines within one day of training.

In addition to our head office in the Netherlands, STYLE also has its own offices in the Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium. This gives the European manufacturing industry the opportunity to experience our machines and the simplicity of the unique CNC control software for themselves. All machines are built in the Netherlands and exported to customers abroad.

In addition to our own foreign offices, we have STYLE Demo Centers in ten different countries in Europe. These Demo Centers give the dealer exclusivity to the sale of STYLE machines. The dealer is officially recognized and receives direct support from the Netherlands. In addition, their staff is specially trained to work with STYLE machines. Not only to give demonstrations but also to put the machines into use and repair when necessary. Many dealers have one or more STYLE demo machines, so that potential customers can experience and test STYLE machines at a relatively short distance.

2020 – present; Ready for the future

Experience center of 350 m2 and production capacity of more than 350 machines

In recent years, our company has developed into a large, Dutch machine builder. Our new building now also has an international appearance, which is what we need to strengthen and further expand our position in the world market. The new building will give us the energy and space to further develop and to grow healthily. The surface of the new industrial hall provides space to build more than 350 CNC machines per year. A lot of thought has gone into building and furnishing the building in such a way that everyone feels at home. Everyone should feel proud and familiar here.

In the experience center, potential customers from home and abroad can view, test and experience all CNC machines and the unique STYLE control software. The experience center is centrally located in the building and has a large glass wall.

We ensure the continuity of our machines with our unique and reliable manufacturer service. From commissioning on location to the fast delivery of a part; STYLE wants to amaze you with this flexible service. STYLE is the right place for demonstrations, training, maintenance, inspections and customer-specific projects.

Part of the Nivora group

Safan Darley logo Nivora groep Bewo logo Nivora groep Dynobend logo Nivora groep STYLE logo Nivora groep

De Nivora Group

We don’t have to be huge, as long as we’re good.

The Nivora group is a Dutch industrial company with a specific mission, a long history and a special ownership structure.

The group comprises five leading Dutch brands of metalworking machines with a rich history: Darley (1934) and Safan (1960) which build innovative machines for sheet metal working under the new SafanDarley brand, Bewo Cutting Systems (1935) which produces industrial saw machines, STYLE CNC Machines ( 1991), manufacturer of unique turning and milling machines and DYNOBEND (1988), specialist in solutions for cold forming of pipe. The Nivora group has factories in Lochem, Eijsden, Waalwijk, Bunschoten and Haaksbergen and branches in Germany, England, the Czech Republic and Taiwan.

Nivora holds shares in innovative industrial companies. The aim is the sustainable development and retention of high-quality industrial knowledge and employment in the Netherlands. The Nivora companies work for customers all over the world, but mainly develop and produce in the Netherlands. The long-term continuity of the companies in the Nivora group is paramount. That is why Nivora pursues a restrained and solid financial policy. Nivora wants to be a good and socially responsible employer.

STYLE Offices and Official STYLE Demo Centres

STYLE has offices and Demo Centres at 15 different locations throughout Europe. So we are always close!






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Official STYLE Offices

STYLE CNC Machines Netherlands

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Twee-Bruggenstraat 64/201
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STYLE CNC Machines Poland

Ul. Zuzany 34
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T. +48 883 444 723
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STYLE CNC Machines Czech Republic

Stanovice 37
544 01Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech Republic


T. +420 737 418 814
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