STYLE CNC lathe machines

Our wide range of STYLE CNC lathes consists of a stable cast iron frame with which metal or plastic products can be made. Every lathe from STYLE CNC Machines is equipped with our simple STYLE control, which is ergonomically sound and stands out for its unique design. The key features of our lathes are also: “fast, flexible and user-friendly”.

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300 – 2200 series

STYLE 300 CNC lathe

Max. diameter: 320mm
Max. length: 500mm

STYLE 350 CNC lathe

Max. diameter: 380mm
Max. length: 850mm

STYLE 510 CNC lathe

Max. diameter: 510mm
Max. length: 1350 / 1850mm

STYLE 650 CNC lathe

Max. diameter: 650mm
Max. length: 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000mm

STYLE 750 CNC lathe

Max. diameter: 750mm
Max. length: 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000mm

STYLE CNC slant bed lathes

250 – 500 series

STYLE SB 250 CNC Schuinbed draaibank

Max. diameter: 200mm
Max. length: 550mm

STYLE SB 300 CNC Schuinbed draaibank

Max. diameter: 350mm
Max. length: 570 / 1000mm

STYLE SB 500 CNC Schuinbed draaibank

Max. diameter: 500mm
Max. length: 700 / 1200mm

Working with a STYLE CNC lathe machine

Easy machining on our lathes

All our CNC lathes are equipped with the unique STYLE CNC control software. With the extensive CNC functionality on the 19 ”touchscreen, machining on the STYLE lathes is easy to learn. No extensive G-code knowledge is required and is therefore suitable for the novice operator. The extensive CNC functionality also offers enough advanced functions for the more experienced operator. View more about our controls on our YouTube channel.

Simulate your products in 3D

By means of a DxF import from the CAD software, before you start machining on a CNC lathe, you can simulate your product using our 3D simulation program. In this way you can properly prepare and optimise machining to your own specific requirements. You know exactly where you stand and how long the production of machining the product on the lathe will take.

Quality and service are our reliable lathe

From the wide choice of CNC lathes from our range, STYLE 300, STYLE 350, STYLE 510, STYLE 650, STYLE 750, STYLE 1000 and the STYLE 1200, there is always a CNC machine that best suits your needs and your company. We are happy to help you with tailor-made advice, so that you only get the best machine for single pieces and small series. Curious about one of our lathes? We would be happy to give you a demonstration. This allows you to experience our unique control and know exactly what it is like to work with one of our lathes.