STYLE 300 CNC lathe

The STYLE 300 lathe is the smallest in this series but is certainly not inferior to its big brothers. A heavy cast iron frame gives the machines a very solid foundation. The ergonomic design combines optimal accessibility and ease of use with sufficient safety. The innovative STYLE technology is equipped with high-quality components and excels in lasting reliability. This machine offers you all the flexibility you want for turning the most diverse products into single pieces and small series.

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STYLE 300 CNC lathe, for small jobs with great performance

STYLE 300 lathe in brief:

  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Weight 800 kg
  • Turning diameter 320 mm

The STYLE 300: a compact full-fledged CNC lathe

The smallest lathe with world-class performance is also equipped with the unique STYLE Control. Especially for the turning specialist who wants to work quickly, makes high-quality products and wants to switch quickly between products. With the clear 3D simulation program of the STYLE Control, each workpiece can be extensively tested and optimised in advance and the production time is automatically calculated. Each operation can be performed with a few mouse clicks and is clearly visible on the 19 touchscreen screen. Innovation, quality and service are our top priorities. With a STYLE CNC lathe you are assured of a high-quality end product.

Programming from the office
You can place all your programs that you want to run on a USB stick, but it is also possible to place the computer of the lathe in your network. This allows you to program your programs outside the machine.

Lathe Bed width
Machine STYLE 300
Swing over bed mm 320
Swing over support mm 180
Distance between centers mm 500
Bed width mm 190
Maximum weight between centers kg 200
Lathe Main spindle
Main spindle STYLE 300
Main motor power (S6) kW 5.5
Spindle bore ø mm 40
Maximum spindle speed rpm 4000
Spindle taper D1-4
Lathe Main spindle
Lathe X and Z axis
X- and Z- axis STYLE 300
Rapid movement m/min 8
Feed rate m/min 1
STYLE Lathe tailstock
Tail stock STYLE 300
Quill ø mm 40
Quill stroke mm 100
Quill taper MT 3
STYLE Lathe tailstock
Lathe General
General STYLE 300
Weight kg 800
Machine dimensions (l/w/h) m 2.1 x 1.0 x 1.2
Lathe Options
Options STYLE 300
Automatic chip conveyor
Automatic tool changer
Positioned C-axis
Automatic tool changer with driven tools
Lathe Options

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