STYLE 650 CNC lathe

The STYLE 650 lathe guarantees quality, precision and efficiency for single pieces and small series. Wherever competitive performances have to be delivered with the production of single pieces and small series, STYLE CNC Machines offers unique advantages. Each CNC lathe from STYLE is unparalleled in its class and offers optimum flexibility for turning the most diverse products.

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STYLE 650 CNC lathe, the best lathe for flexible customization

STYLE 650 CNC lathe in brief:

  • Extremely stable cast iron machine frame
  • Diameter 105 mm
  • High torque (gearbox in combination with heavy main engine) up to 7900 Nm
  • Distance between the centers of 900/1900/2900/3900 mm
  • Choice of engine power 23 / 27.5 / 35 kW

Only the best is in the STYLE control

Each CNC lathe from STYLE CNC Machines is equipped with the intuitive control system developed by ourselves and is notable for its unique design. The STYLE Control offers the convenience and accessibility to be able to work with the machines with just a few hours of training, as well as extensive functionalities for the experienced machine operator. The STYLE 650 is a complete CNC machine suitable for customization thanks to the ergonomic design combined with the control.

Programming from the office
You can place all your programs that you want to run on a USB stick, but it is also possible to place the computer of the lathe in your network. This allows you to program your programs outside the machine.

Lathe Bed width
Machine STYLE 650
Swing over bed mm 650
Swing over support mm 430
Distance between centers mm 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000
Bed width mm 450
Maximum weight between centers kg 1800
Lathe Main spindle
Main spindle STYLE 650
Main motor power (S6) kW 22 / 26 / 37
Spindle bore ø mm 105
Maximum spindle speed rpm 2000
Spindle taper A2-11
Lathe Main spindle
Lathe X and Z axis
X- and Z- axis STYLE 650
Rapid movement m/min 8
Feed rate m/min 2
STYLE Lathe tailstock
Tail stock STYLE 650
Quill ø mm 105
Quill stroke mm 225
Quill taper MT 5
STYLE Lathe tailstock
Lathe General
General STYLE 650
Weight kg 4850 / 5850 / 6950 / 8050 / 9150
Machine dimensions (l/w/h) m 3.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 (1000)
4.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 (2000)
5.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 (3000)
6.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 (4000)
7.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 (5000)
Lathe Options
Options STYLE 650
Automatic chip conveyor standard
Automatic tool changer option
Positioned C-axis option
Automatic tool changer with driven tools option
Lathe Options

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