STYLE SB 500 CNC lathe

The STYLE sloping bed series consists of three models. This series has been designed on the basis of the knowledge and experience of STYLE and of our customers where the wishes and requirements have been translated into machines with a 45 degree frame from one piece cast iron for high load and stability. The STYLE SB500 is the largest inclined bed in the range.

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STYLE SB 500 CNC lathe, the best slant bed lathe for the turning specialist

STYLE SB 500 CNC lathe in brief:

  • 45 degree frame cast in one piece for high loads
  • Wide spaced guides provide a very stable support for top support
  • Turning diameter of 610 mm
  • Speed ​​maximum 3500 rpm (15 / 18.5 kW)
  • Available with STYLE control and also with other controls

Optimal productivity and flexibility with unique STYLE control on an SB 500

All STYLE CNC machines are delivered with the unique STYLE Control, including the SB500. Some advantages of the unique control are that DxF files can be imported directly, possibility to run large G-code programs and the 3D simulation program with which the production time can be calculated and tested. The SB series has been ergonomically developed so that tools and workpieces can be easily changed. The 45-degree bed, in combination with the easy-to-open safety doors, make loading and unloading large products easy.

Programming from the office
You can place all your programs that you want to mill on a USB stick, but it is also possible to place the computer of the milling machine in your network. This allows you to program your programs outside the machine.

SB detail foto
Machine STYLE SB 500
Maximum swing mm 612
Swing over carriage cover mm 390 (700) / 420 (1200)
Maximum turned diameter mm 500
Maximum turned length mm 700 / 1200
Carriage inclination º 30
SB hoofdspindel detail foto
Main spindle STYLE SB 500
Main motor power kW 15 / 18.5 (18.5 / 22)
Max. spindle speed rpm 3500 (2700 / 2500)
Spindle taper A2-8 (A2-11 / A2-11)
Spindle bore ø mm 86 (101 / 116)
Hole through draw bar ø mm 75 (90 / 105)
Hydraulic chuck diameter ø mm 250 (300 / 380)
SB hoofdspindel detail foto
detail SB 250
X- and Z-axis STYLE SB 500
Rapid movement X / Z m/min 20 / 24
Feed rate m/min 10
X / Z axis slide way configuration Box
detail losse kop
Tail stock STYLE SB 500
Quill mm ø 85
Quill stroke mm 120
Quill taper MT 5
detail losse kop
detail productwisselaar
Turret system STYLE SB 500
Tool change type Servo / Hydraulic
Type tool taper BOT / VDI
Size 40
Number of tool stations # 12
Turning tool shank dimensions mm 25
Maximum boring bar diameter ø mm 40
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General STYLE SB 500
Weight kg 5500 / 6000
Machine dimensions (l/w/h) m 3.0 x 1.8 x 1.8
3.6 x 1.8 x 1.8
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