What our customers say: Kolmer Electric Motors

What our customers say: Kolmer Electric Motors

Kolmer has been the supplier of electric motors for almost 40 years. In addition to supplying standard electric motors, electric motors are also designed and modified according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. Since its foundation, they have been working with engines from Cantoni Motor and Cemp. The permanent force for flexible power: they are always looking for the most effective and efficient solution. Kolmer supplies customer-specific motors with current technologies. This requires knowledge, skills and experience during the design and development phase. Their dedicated and experienced team carries out this craftsmanship for the most diverse applications.

Kolmer & STYLE

Delivery time is still an issue in today’s economy and the demand for customer-specific modifications is increasing. This must of course be carried out flawlessly because technical specialists are scarce and everything stands or falls with a tight running process.

This is exactly the reason why Kolmer has purchased a STYLE CNC 510 lathe – optimal for making single pieces and small series. “This allows us as a company to further unburden our customers and that is why we also have to optimize our own processes. This automated machine creates specific axes that are read in on the basis of design drawings. The drawings are made by our engineering department, but the customer’s own drawing can also be used for this.”

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