Developments STYLE R&D Software

Developments STYLE R&D Software

Our software research and development team is continuously working on the software creating new innovative functions for our unique STYLE control. They want to highlight three recently developed features.

Workpiece probe and tool setting probe

The workpiece probe tool is used to determine the workpiece position on the machine. Using several cycles, the operator can determine the workpiece origin.

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There are cycles to determine the alignment of the workpiece too.The tool setting probe is used to measure the length and diameter of the used tools.

Note: probe available from software version 2021. Tool setting probe available from software version 2022.

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Broken tool detection

The tool settings probe can be used to determine if a tool is broken. A cycle can be added to automatically measure the tool length after the process. In case the tool length differs, an alarm is generated.

For example, this can be used when a drill and tap process is executed. The length of the drill tool can be checked after the drill process has finished. In case the length of the drill is not correct, the machine can be stopped automatically instead of continuing on to the tap cycle.

Note: fracture detection is available from software version 2023.

Variable Spindle Speed (Spindle speed variation (SSV))

This function can be enabled during editing. While machining, the main spindle will vary in speed which prevents vibrations in the material. This is particularly useful when machining long axes.

Note: SSV is available from software version 2022

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Automatic measurement stop in milling program

For finishing cycles an automatic stop can be programmed between finishing cuts. The machine stops at which point the operator can measure the part. If measurements are not according to specs, the milling tool diameter can be corrected on the fly.

This way, the operator can make sure that the next finishing cut will be executed within tolerance.

Note: automatic measuring stop is available from software version 2021

R&D Software - Besturing dialoog