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STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe

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More about the STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe

specs_iconSpecifications of the STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe

Maximum swing
612 mm
Swing over carriage cover
390 (700) / 420 (1200) mm
Maximum turned diameter
500 mm
Maximum turned length
700 / 1200 mm
Carriage inclination
30 degrees
Main spindle
Main motor power
15 / 18.5 kW (18.5 / 22)
Maximum spindle speed
3500 (2700/2500) rpm
Spindle taper
A2-8 (A2-11/A2-11)
Spindle bore
86 (101/116) mm
Hole through draw bar
75 (90/105) mm
Hydraulic chuck diameter
250 (300/380) mm
X- and Z-axis
Rapid movement
20 / 24 m/min
Feed rate
10 m/min
X/Z axis slide way configuration
Tail stock
75 mm
Quill stroke
120 mm
Quill taper
4 MT
5500 / 6000 kg
Machine dimensions (l/b/h)
3.0 x 1.8 x 1.8 m
3.6 x 1.8 x 1.8 m

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Michel Haaima

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STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe, the best slantbed lathe for the turning specialist

The STYLE slantbed range consists of three models. This series is designed based on the knowledge and experience from STYLE and our customers. Their wishes and demands are translated into machines with a 45 degree cast iron frame ideal for high performance and great stability. The STYLE SB500 is the largest slantbed lathe in this range.

Optimal productivity and flexibility with the unique STYLE Control on a SB500

All STYLE CNC machines are delivered with the unique STYLE control, as well as the SB500. Some of the pros are that you can directly import DxF-files, execute large G-code programs and it contains an 3D simulation program which allows you to calculate production time and test your product outcome beforehand. The SB series is ergonomically designed and allows you to change your tools very fast and easy. The 45 degree bed in combination with the special designed and easy-to-open safety doors helps you to load and unload large products without any problems.

Highlights STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe:

  • 45 degree frame from one single iron cast mold for high performance
  • Wide aligned guides offer a steady support for the cross-slide
  • maximum swing of 610 mm
  • Maximum of 3500 rpm (15/18.5 kW)
  • Equipped with the easy STYLE Control, optional equipped with other controls

Interested in a STYLE SB500 slantbed lathe?

You can directly ask for a demonstration or you can directly phone us via +31(0)332052500.