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STYLE BT 2000 Mill

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More about the STYLE BT 2000

specs_iconSpecifications of the STYLE BT 2000 mill

X-axis movement
2000 mm
Y-axis movement
800 mm
Z-axis movement
700 / 800 mm
Bed width
1250 mm
Work table
600 x 2200 mm
T-slots (DIN650)
5 x 18 mm
Max. table load
1500 / 2000 kg
Height work table
900 mm
Distance spindle nose to table
120-820 mm
Distance spindle nose to column
880 mm
Main spindle
Main motor power
11 / 15 / 18.5 / 22 kW
Maximum spindle speed (# gears)
6000 – 12000 rpm (40)
6000 – 8000 rpm (50)
Spindelopname BT – SK/DIN69871
40 / 50
Rapid movement
8 m/min
Feed rate
0.01 – 4000 mm/min
Pressure X- and Y-axis
15 / 30 kN
Pressure Z-axis
19.2 / 38.5 kN
Tool changer
Automatic tool changer
24 (horizontal or vertical)
8500 / 12500 kg
Machine dimensions without arm(l/w/h)
3.8 x 3.0 x 2.9 m
Fully enclosed sheet metal with chip conveyor
Coolant through the spindle
Integrated 4th axis

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Michel Haaima

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STYLE BT 2000 mill, the best of STYLE in one big mill

The STYLE BT series consists of six models some models are deliverable with fully enclosed sheet metal, like the BT2000 mill. The BT2000 is a true muscleman. The simple, intuitive control makes operations like levelling and drilling possible in just a few clicks. Complex operations like dimensional milling, working with a 4th axis and the programming of G-codes are very simple to perform. These milling machines are designed for the production of single pieces, small series and custom projects.

STYLE BT2000 mill with the shortest changeover times

The STYLE BT2000 makes CNC milling and drilling, even with small series and single pieces, very profitable. The programming is very fast and simple, resulting in the shortest possible changeover times. Thanks to the heavy cast iron bed, spacious dimensioned table and the large movement of the X, Y and Z-axis, the machines offer optimal flexibility to produce many different kinds of products.

Highlights STYLE BT2000:

  • Cast iron frame from one piece for high load
  • Accessible control
  • X/Y movement 2000 x 800 mm
  • Table load up to 2000 kg
  • Maximum up to 12000 rpm

Interested in a STYLE BT2000?

You can directly ask for a demonstration or phone us via +31(0)332052500.