Machining plastic components

Machining plastic components


Turning plastic outside-inside turning: unique on STYLE machines.

Turning plastic out-;inside turning: STYLE presents unique functionality.

At the request of plastic machining companies, STYLE CNC Machines has developed a unique functionality for turning plastic chip-breaking outside and inside in the right way. This will make the chip processing easier and safer.

When turning materials, it is normally ensured that you get small chips. This short-cutting material gives small chips when machining. With various types of plastic, long-term material is formed during processing. These long chips often wrap around the product and as a result create a lot of noise, can wrap around the tool and the product can be damaged. This is something that many plastic processors want to prevent. Legislation and regulations determine that plastic processors are responsible for the responsible disposal of the long chips for products. Most of them did this with their hands, causing many a turner to lose his or her fingertip.

Stutter turning

STYLE has introduced a new feature to ensure that plastic processors can work more safely without getting their hands near the rotating product. This function is called stuttering turning. With this function, the material turns a little bit and the tool is withdrawn slightly so that the chip breaks off. This creates short-circuit material. The advantage is that it can also break radii and sloping edges. This function also makes it easier to machine longitudinal material such as nylon.

Ariean Meinema, our service engineer, explains: “Stuttering turning is especially useful for tough plastics. You normally quickly get long, annoying chips, which revolve around everything. With stutter turning, the chisel does not continue in one piece at the same speed. As a result, the chips break off shorter. So you do not suffer from long strings of plastic around your workpiece or chisel. “

TechniShow 2018

This is an article from the STYLE magazine – Winter edition