Fifth STYLE machine at Schipper Technisch Serviceburo

Fifth STYLE machine at Schipper Technisch Serviceburo

Marco Wolters, operations manager at STS, is congratulated by Erwin Koelewijn of Style CNC Machines with the purchase of the MC-1500 machining center.


Schipper Technical Services (STS) in Almelo is a total supplier for the technical and industrial sector with the objective to unburden and support technical companies. STS does this by taking technical challenges off your hands, such as handling disruptions, doing maintenance and producing specific parts to solve technical challenges. Work is performed in the workplace in the field of machine building, construction work, welding work, sheet metal working and machining. Because the work in the machining department has grown considerably in recent years, STS is expanding the current department and in mid-May a factory area with an area of ​​500 square meters will be filled with machining machines.

More work than machines
The machinery of STS in the area of ​​machining is then expanded with an MC-1500 machining center from Style, which is characterized by simple control and good productivity and flexibility. Class C3 prestressed ballscrews prevent thermal expansion for high milling accuracy and the X / Y / Z axis is driven directly by the shaft motors, ensuring high positioning. Thanks to a table size of 1700 × 600, STS can now also do larger work. “We were increasingly in demand for larger products,” says Marco Wolters, operations manager at STS. “In addition, we have more work than machines and we needed expansion to continue growing.”

Good acquaintance from Style
Style is no stranger to Schipper Technical Service Agency. With the purchase of the new machining center, the number of machining Style machines comes to five. Machine manufacturer Bunschoten will not only install the MC-1500 in May, but will also be responsible for the relocation of the four other machines from the current machining department to the new industrial hall. “We are extremely satisfied with the machines and the service from Style,” says Wolters. “Good quality, a lot of in-house knowledge and the machines are exactly suitable for our work.” That work mainly consists of quickly delivering necessary parts for our own machine building and production companies. Speed ​​and ad hoc responses are important here. “With us it is not a pure necessity that the machine runs 24/7, but if there is an urgent need, we must be able to deliver quality and speed,” the operational manager continues. “This is a big plus for surrounding large production companies.”

Those ad hoc qualities also translate into the staff. Many metalworking companies are looking for professionals and that is one of the reasons why STS established the employment agency Manschap in 2007. On the one hand to relieve customers in terms of temporary staff and on the other hand to increase their own capacity. Wolters expects that STS’s workforce (currently 60 employees) will soon also grow: “With extra work, extra staff is also needed. Thanks to our own experience and experience in the temporary employment sector, we can often provide a quick answer to the demand for professionals. With our new machining department we want to do more work for existing customers, but also bind new customers to us. With the expansion in machine capacity, business premises and staff, we therefore look to the future in a positive way! ”

“If you do more in less time, you will earn back your investment quickly”
Style CNC Machines is exhibitor at the Brabant Metal Days. “The theme fits in with what we want to convey to our customers and suppliers,” says managing director Bastiaan Clement. Style shows a lathe 350 on the stand. This and also the other machines of Dutch manufacture are extremely suitable for the production of single pieces and small series. The software has been designed for this purpose by our own R&D software department in Bunschoten. “Short changeover times are of great importance when machining single pieces and small series. And since the programming time is an important part of the changeover times, a simple and accessible operating system is crucial. Because making single pieces and small series can entail a lot of drawing work, we have developed a control system that intuitively thinks along with the operator and thereby optimizes the processes. Efficiency can also be achieved because our customers no longer have to outsource their work. Thanks to the simple control, operators can get started on our machines within one day and the first products roll off the machine within three days. ”According to Clement, process optimization / production improvement is feasible for every (small) SME metal company. “Our focus is on the” smaller “SMEs. We relieve customers as much as possible and thanks to the reasonable investment it is feasible. Smart applications in our software ensure that the Style controller is not outdated because it can be easily updated. “He therefore advises every metal company to delve into process optimization:” It is very important to start with it. It is a matter of longevity, the costs may be higher in the beginning due to the investments that are needed, but you can recoup these because more can be done in less time. Our tip is: take a look at your colleagues in the market before you do it. This gives you a better picture of what process optimization can mean for you.”

Schipper Technisch Serviceburo will start using the new industrial hall in May. The founder of the company, Antoon Schipper (84), is on top.

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