Development of the new headquarters of STYLE

Development of the new headquarters of STYLE

Development new property

The “jacket” on the Nijverheidsweg in Bunschoten-Spakenburg is gradually getting tighter. Time for a new building.

The reason for the move is simple. “It will be bigger, more efficient and above all in a beautiful location,” said Bastiaan Clement, managing director of STYLE.

By purchasing this lot, a special and innovative company is reserved within the municipality of bunschoten-spakenburg and within the netherlands. The new style head office will be the view of the village.

STYLE is a unique company: the only CNC machine builder in the Netherlands. In over 25 years, STYLE has grown into a hard-working, internationally operating company with several branches in Europe. Thanks to the internal R&D department, machines are built of high quality, with our own CNC control being the absolute showpiece. The control focuses on accessibility and speed for the production of single pieces and small series. In addition to the head office in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, there are sales offices in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. The BeNeLux alone contains more than 1500 STYLE machines. Passion, pride, loyalty, proactive action and pleasure are of paramount importance and are promoted daily by employees.

Due to the enormous growth of recent years, this space is already too small again. The wish was to find a suitable piece of land to cope with future growth. For this, several options in different municipalities were possible. Eventually a piece of land was chosen on the new industrial area “Haarbrug Zuid” on the outskirts of Bunschoten. A new building of about 6000 m² has been built on this piece of land.

The new building will have an experience center of over 350 m² where potential customers from home and abroad can view, test and experience all CNC machines and the unique STYLE control software. The factory is set up in such a way that the most modern production and assembly techniques can be applied that are geared to the most efficient possible internal logistics. STYLE expects to start construction in early 2019 and hopes to be able to move with all employees to the new building on Haarbrug Zuid in Bunschoten in 2020.

Bastiaan Clement, managing director of STYLE CNC Machines about the reason for the relocation: “It’s simple, organic growth and the expansion abroad has made STYLE grow strongly. The new building will be bigger, more efficient and above all at a beautiful location. The new headquarters is two and a half times the size of the current location and becomes the view of the village. STYLE is proud of the opportunity to stay in BunschotenSpakenburg and to move into a prominent location in a new building. ”

This is an article from the STYLE magazine – Winter edition