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STYLE 2016 Edition

The heart of STYLE is the innovative control. Our control system is accessible for the apprentice metalworker and offers extensive functionality for the experienced operator. The thing that makes the STYLE software so unique are the extended possibilities, what no other company in the world can offer you at this level. Each process is directly visible on the 19” touchscreen with just a couple of clicks and completion of values. The STYLE control system’s clear 3D simulation program allows each workpiece to be extensively tested and optimized before production. Your manufacturing time is also calculated automatically. Also, you can import DfX files directly from CAD-software. This means you can carry out big G-code projects, without having great G-code knowledge. The CNC software has been specifically designed for quick and easy drawing and production of single pieces and small series. Our R&D department is continuously developing the software, to make it even more accessible and efficient for the users.


  • Extensive CNC functionality
  • 3D simulation program
  • Graphic interface on 19” touchscreen
  • DxF files import
  • Free contour drawing with a minimum of values
  • ISO G-codes import, edit and execute
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Shortcuts and key codes for faster working
  • Execute of large G-code programs
  • Program with an extensive intuitive control without any G-code knowledge
  • Thread repair and prototyping
  • Desktop prep version

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STYLE Control: simple, intuitive and leading

If you are a starting operator, or an experienced one, our software is easy to learn and use without having great knowledge about G-Codes. Our CNC Control is fitted with a 19″ touch screen which simply controls your CNC Lathe or CNC Mill. Also, if you buy a CNC machine we will offer a complementary training of our STYLE Control and a manual in your own language.

Innovative CNC control

A unique point of STYLE CNC Machines is the fact that we develop our own innovative CNC software. This control is developed by our own software department who works daily with the newest technology available and are constantly optimizing the Control. After one day of training at your work place or at our showroom, you and your employees can immediately start with the new CNC machine. Thanks to the simplicity of our control its suitable for every operator, no matter of their experience level.

Work with a fully intuitive CNC control without G-code knowledge

Our CNC software is developed for the fast and easy production of single pieces and small series. Our control has an extensive CNC functionality which allows you to execute large G-code programs without great knowledge of G-code. Even the most complex operations such as milling dimensional, working with a fourth A-axis and programming with G-Codes is easy with our CNC control. DxF files can be directly imported from CAD-software. Also, our 3D simulation program allows you to simulate your product before the actual production process starts, so you will always know what the outcome will be. This simulation also calculates the machining process.

Try our CNC control

We are convinced that we have the most easy and best CNC software and would really like to show it to you. You are more than welcome to visit our showroom and experience our software for yourself! We guarantee that our CNC machines and our CNC software can take your company to the next level.

Interested in a demonstration of our unique STYLE CNC Control?

You can plan an demonstration here or call us via +31 (0) 33 2052500.