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STYLE CNC Machines: Machinebuilders since 1991

STYLE CNC Machines BV is an innovative Dutch manufacturer of a variety of lathes and milling machines. We are multi-disciplined and the development and manufacture of all our machines, including the control systems, is carried out in-house. We also offer our customers a continuous and reliable manufacturer service. All of these aspects combine to make us stand out as a versatile player in the machine building sector. STYLE is a highly dynamic customer-oriented organization.

Accessible and innovative

Each and every day, STYLE engages its employees as well as its customers in the development of advanced and efficient machines for the manufacture of single pieces and small series. What’s more, STYLE has a keen eye for design. Our machines are all fitted with our unique STYLE control system. This control system makes our lathes and milling machines accessible to apprentice metalworkers and can be extended with a range of complex functionality for the experienced CNC operator. With less than a day’s training, you can start machining with STYLE machines.

Organization and sales

The STYLE headquarters are located in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, The Netherlands where development, production, support and planning take place. Next to the headquarters STYLE has multiple locations and showrooms across Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Poland. Also with an extensive dealer network in almost every European country, a chance to buy a STYLE machine is never far away. The locations in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland have their own showroom and service engineer for direct support for every customer. All our dealers had a comprehensive training and experience with the STYLE machines and the headquarters dispatches international service engineers from Bunschoten when the dealers need it.

STYLE & the Nivora Group


The Nivora Group is a Dutch industrial company with a clear mission, long history and a special ownership structure.

The group consist of five leading Dutch brands of metal working machines with a rich history: Darley (1934) and Safan (1960) who cooperate under the name SafanDarley and build innovative machine for sheet metal working machines, Bewo Cutting Systems (1935) who builds industrial sowing machines, STYLE CNC Machines (1991), producer of unique lathes and mills and recently DYNOBEND (1988) was added to the group. They have a solution for cold forming of tubes. The Nivora Group has factories in Lochem, Eijsden, Waalwijk, Bunschoten and Haaksbergen, all in The Netherlands but also in Germany, England, Czech Republic, Poland, Taiwan and the USA.

STYLE manufacturer service

We are able to ensure the continuity of our machines with our reliable manufacturer service. From installation on location to express delivery of a component; you will be astonished at STYLE’s unique and flexible service. STYLE is the go-to company for demonstrations, training courses, maintenance, inspections and customer-specific projects.

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