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STYLE Working with a CNC mill from STYLE

All mills in the assortment of STYLE are equipped with milling tools which allow you to mill high quality aluminum, brass, stainless steel or other metals. With the simple STYLE Control and our ergonomically design it is a pleasure and safe to work with our CNC mills.

Controlling the mill with our simple and unique CNC control

Our CNC mills are fitted with our unique STYLE Control. Our software department is enhancing the software on a daily basis by developing, testing and maintaining. This means that our control meets market standards and is always up to date to the newest technology. Our STYLE Control is a fully intuitive CNC Control and even if you have a lack of extensive G-code knowledge, you are able to use the control. It is easy to use for experienced operators as well as starting machinists.

Reliable mill and machine center

We have a wide range of CNC mill in our catalog! If you select one of the mills like the STYLE BT 600, BT 1000, BT 1500, BT 1500+, BT 2000 and the BT 3000, you will always have a machine which fits your machine park. We kindly give customized advise and with a live demo on one of our CNC Mills you become acquainted with our unique STYLE CNC Control. This means that you will only have the very best for your business. Thanks to our machining solutions your business is up to date and ready for the future.

Service and support of your CNC machine

Next to our headquarters in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, we have our own locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Poland. Do you have any issues with your CNC machine? Our service department can be reached by phone or via email at +31 (0)33 – 205 25 00 or Our unique manufacturer service guarantees that often a technician is directly available to either repair your CNC milling or CNC lathe machine or update your machine. Also, all our service engineers are able to train your employees and inform them about new cost- and time saving features.