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More about the STYLE MC 500

specs_iconSpecifications of the STYLE MC 500 machining center

X-axis movement
500 mm
Y-axis movement
380 mm
Z-axis movement
400 mm
Table dimensions
650 x 380 mm
T-slots (DIN650)
18 x 100 x 3 mm
Max. table load
200 kg
Height work table
805 mm
Distance spindle nose to table
150-550 mm
Distance spindle nose to column
435 mm
Main spindle
Main motor power
3.7 / 5.5 kW
Spindle speed
12000 rpm
Spindelopname BT – SK/DIN69871
X-, Y-, and Z-axis
Rapid movement
24 / 24 / 24 m/min
Feed rate
10 / 10 / 10 m/min
Pressure X-, Y-, and Z-as (nom/max)
Tool changer
Automatic tool changer
2800 kg
Machine dimensions (l/w/h)
1.6 x 2.2 x 2.4 m
3.1 x 3.7 m

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Erwin Koelewijn

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STYLE MC 500, the machining center for the most demanding specialist

The STYLE MC series are the right machining centers for the most demanding specialists. Machining centers are known for its XYZ-movement and versatility when producing products. These machining centers are suitable for small series and single pieces. The STYLE MC500 is a CNC controlled machines with accessible control and always a good vision on the drawing and product.

The machining center with the most accessible control

The MC500 is equipped with a stable cast iron frame with linear guiding. The machine is build and designed by real Dutch machine builders. The machining center MC series is a range of closed, compact milling machines with a X-axis movement of 500 mm. A modern CNC machines for flexible producing of parts. The control offers starting operators a head start because after a few hours of training they can start milling products.

Highlights MC 500 machining center:

      • Class C3 tensioned ball screw spindles prevent thermal expansion for high accuracy
      • The X/Y/Z axis is directly driven by the axis motors for the best positioning accuracy
      • Movement X-axis: 500 mm, Y-axis: 380 mm, Z-axis: 400 mm
      • Table dimensions 650 x 380 mm
      • 12000 rpm at 5.5 kW

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