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17-04: Progress of the new building

We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. The property is officially delivered! Unfortunately, this does not mean that all the work has already been completed. At the moment the floors are being laid and the cranes are being hoisted. When this is finished the furniture will arrive, after that we can start moving!

03-04: Progress of the new building

Fortunately, the final construction of the building continues as usual in these strange times! Today the pre-completion of the building was to go through the latest to do’s. Next week they will work hard to get everything painted. As is now known, the property will be delivered in the week after Easter. Have a nice -indoor- weekend!

27-03: Progress of the new building

Last week, progress was again made on the location of our new building. The water has returned and now connects beautifully to the facade of our building. In addition, the work inside is also almost complete. The railings for the walkway are ready, most of the lighting is in it and the toilets are tiled. Completion of the property is still scheduled for early April.

20-03: Progress of the new building

Despite the Corona virus, our fantastic builders are trying to meet the deadline set in early April. They are still busy finishing the whole building and it already looks great! The corridors on the different floors are now really taking shape and the use of glass around the voids keeps it light. The production hall is also almost ready to set up the machines and be built there.

13-03: Progress of the new building

The builders are busy meeting the set deadline of early April. Finishing has now started: the ceiling plates are installed, the fences along the balustrades, the glass at the voids and the cabling is laid.

06-03: Progress of the new building

Last week the builders continued to finish the offices inside and the cranes were delivered. The cranes have now also been installed. In addition, they also started to open the ditch for the building again. Next week the stairs will be delivered for the stairwell in the industrial hall. The suspended ceilings will also be placed in the offices from the beginning of next week. The industrial building is also becoming more complete, the compressed air lines will be laid next week.

28-02: Progress of the new building

The overhead cranes that were delivered last week were partially installed this week. Projects are also slowly being completed and the building is increasingly acquiring its final appearance. In the near future, the builders will also work hard to ensure that the water in front of the building returns.

21-02: Progress of the new building

Today the overhead cranes are delivered which will be installed next week. Two 20-tonne cranes and two 10-tonne cranes will be installed in the new building, so that assembly and logistics can work more efficiently. In addition, the builders are also busy finishing the building. Next Tuesday, work will start on removing the debris in front of the building and the front of the building will increasingly become more into the water.

07-02: Progress of the new building

Last week the municipality was busy with the building and prepared part of the pavement. In addition, all offices are finished with window sills, baseboards and all cabling is installed slowly. The building is now as good as wind and watertight, the only door that still needs to be installed is the overhead door of the parking garage.

31-01: Progress of the new building

The coming week they will continue with the metal stud walls on the ground floor. The parking garage is also covered with a fire-resistant coating. A start is also made with the installation of window sills and baseboards in the offices. Part of the hall is now really impregnated. They will also install the overhead doors in the warehouses on the first floor.

24-01: Progress of the new building

In the fourth week of January, the builders were busy installing lighting in the industrial hall. A start has also been made with wall and tile work. The paving outside the building will start in the coming week. In weeks 6 and 7, a start will be made with placing the stairs at the entrance.

16-01: Progress of the new building

After the holidays, the builders immediately started working on the inside of the building. The interior walls on the third floor have been placed. In the coming period they will also install the interior walls on the other floors. The parking garage and the industrial building will also be further finished.

20-12: Progress of the new building

This week the builders finished the cement screed in the office area. The overhead doors are also placed on both sides of the industrial hall. Inside, the builders have prepared the underfloor heating. If all goes well, the siding will be finished today. The interior walls will be installed in January 2020. Work is done from top to bottom. See you in 2020!

13-12: Progress of the new building

Last week the builders continued to pour the concrete into the industrial hall. This should dry well in the coming period. In addition, they have also started installing all the windows in the building. The large glass front is now closed. This will soon bring a beautiful light to the demo room. The industrial hall is also further insulated and the finishing plates are placed.

05-12: Progress of the new building

This week, the builders continued to finish the wall where large windows come in. They have also poured the first half of the concrete and have been busy deepening the concrete until deep into the night. This piece remains unreachable for the time being because it needs to dry well. Next Thursday they will start working on the second piece of concrete in the hall. In addition, they are entering the second phase of installing floor heating in the offices.

29-11: Progress of the new building

Last week the roofing was installed and the shed roofs were also installed. These special roofs provide extra daylight in the spacious hall. A start will be made with the glass wall next week. This is the large glass in front of the experience room where our machines will soon be exhibited. First the frames are placed for this. They will also make a start with the pouring of the concrete floor in the industrial hall. They will also immediately put a special coating on the floor, making this part of the hall unreachable because it needs to dry.

22-11: Progress of the new building

This week a start has been made with the floor heating in the industrial hall and this is expected to be ready next week. Over 16 km of floor heating will be installed. In addition, it is clear from the outside that the white cladding is beautiful. You can clearly see the definitive colors and appearance of the building. They are also completely finished with all the masonry and the scaffolding is demolished. The side of the parking garage and storage is now slowly becoming visible. The window frames of the office area will also be placed very soon.

15-11: Progress of the new building

The building was completely closed last week (except for the windows). In the coming weeks they will be working hard with the sewer and the water connections. They have also started to cover the office part. In addition, everything is well insulated, after which another layer is placed. Before the Christmas holidays, they try to finish this work and pour the first concrete for the floors.

08-11: Progress of the new building

This week a major step has been taken in making the building windproof and waterproof. The roof plates have been placed and the sides of the hall have also been placed. The ‘holes’ in the roof for extra daylight in the assembly hall are now also clearly visible. The brickwork for parking garage, warehouse and roof terrace is almost ready and the office area follows quickly.

01-11: Progress of the new building

This week the construction workers completed the steel construction and the last piles for the foundation were drilled under the hall. The complete shape of the hall is now visible. In addition, they have already installed the nets for fall protection during the placement of the roof plates. The steel roof plates and rainwater drainage will be fitted next week.

25-10: Progress of the new building

04-10: Progress of the new building

23-09: Progress of the new building

13-09: Progress of the new building

05-08: Progress of the new building

02-08: Progress of the new building

26-07: Progress of the new building

28-06: Progress of the new building

19-06: Progress of the new building

The offices will be placed on the right-hand side of the building. The foundation for the parking garage and storage is already visible on the left. Between these two ‘towers’ is the experience room where everyone will soon be able to test and experience our machines. The highest point is expected around the building trade.

21-05: Progress of the new building

17-04: Progress of the new building