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Working with a CNC lathe from STYLE

All our lathes in the assortment of STYLE are built on a very stable cast iron frame, guarantee the best possible turned metal or plastic products. Every lathe is provided with our simple and intuitive STYLE Control which is ergonomic and standing out for its unique design. Our lathes are characterized by its speed,  flexibility and user-friendliness.

Work flexible on our lathes
Al our CNC lathes are equipped with the unique STYLE Control. Thanks to the extensive CNC functionality on the 19″ touch screen, working on STYLE lathes is easy to learn and use for the starting operator, but also very challenging for the experienced operator.

Simulate your products in 3D
Before you actually start to produce your product on a STYLE lathe, with the use of a DxF import file from the CAD software, you are able to simulate your product with the help of our 3D program. This means that you can prepare and optimize the process of turning and make the best product possible. By knowing exactly how long the production process on the lathe is taking, you can plan the process as efficient as possible.

Quality and service build a reliable lathe
Our wide range of CNC lathes such as the STYLE 350, STYLE 510, STYLE 650, STYLE 750, STYLE 1000 and the STYLE 1200, guarantee always a machine that fits your machine park. We will give customized advise to every customer so you are sure you only have the best machines for single pieces and small series. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our CNC machines. We would like to give you a specialized demonstration on one of our CNC lathes, so you know exactly how it feels to operate including our unique control.